Our Energy Conservation Tour Comes to Whitehorse


Jun 29, 2011  Comment

Yesterday our One Change energy conservation tour took us to Main Street in Whitehorse. We had lots of people stop by to pick up some free energy saving products, experience our interactive displays, and fill out a questionnaire about what they'd like to see included in an energy conservation plan. Today the team moves on to Burwash Landing, and tomorrow they'll be in Haines Junction (find the full schedule here).

They'll be back in Whitehorse on Canada Day. Look for them at Shipyards Park. Also watch for the walking, talking light bulb that will be in the Canada Day parade.

Here are a few shots from yesterday. 1, 2 and 3) One Change representatives and Yukon Energy staff talk to local residents; 4) a couple tries out a device that shows the amount of power it takes for a standard incandescent lightbulb as opposed to a compact florescent (CFL) bulb. Photos: www.archbould.com



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