No Shortage of Diesel Fuel to Power Faro

Energy Supply

Jul 20, 2013  Comment

There is apparently a rumour going around Faro that Yukon Energy is running out of diesel fuel to provide power to the community. We have been using our backup diesel generators to serve both Faro and Ross River for the past several days, since our transmission line into the area is de-energized because of forest fires. Please know that there is no shortage of diesel fuel. We still have six days of fuel left and are having another week's worth of fuel being delivered tomorrow morning, so rest assured there is plenty of diesel to keep your lights on.

On another matter, we had hoped that we could re-connect Ross River and Faro to the grid on Monday. However since our last report to you several hours ago, we have flown our transmission line and have found about 40 kilometres of danger trees that must be removed before we can re-energize the line. This will take several days, so you will continue to be served with diesel for some time yet.

We will provide further updates as we have new information. Thank you for your patience and please know that we are working as quickly as possible (and safely) to restore your community to the hydro grid.

If you have questions over the week-end about Yukon Energy's service to your area, please call 867-335-1519.


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