Moving 66,000 Pounds!

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Oct 21, 2014  Comment

The first big piece of equipment was installed this morning at our natural gas generation site in Whitehorse.

The E-house, which contains the electrical gear for the substation and other components of the site, was moved onto the property by a large flatbed truck, lifted with a crane that could handle the building's 66,000 pound (30-metric ton) weight, and was gently set on the concrete forms.

The lift required precision and skill on the part of both the crane operation and the crew members standing on the ground, who were using a tape measure to ensure the E-house was set exactly where it should go. Photo credit:

Safety meeting to prepare for the E-house lift.

It takes great skill to do this. The crane operator, however, made it look easy!

Inches/centimetres matter when you're placing a massive load like this on its base.



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