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May 10, 2013  Comment

 Some of you may have noticed some work taking place at our substation located on the Mayo Road near Whitehorse (photo shows the ground being cleared for the expansion).

We are upgrading the substation so that we can supply power to the soon to be built Whistle Bend subdivision. At the same time we are making improvements to our system that will limit outages to smaller geographic areas and allow us to restore power more quickly during an outage. The project will be completed next year. At a cost of $12-million spread over two years, it is our largest capital project underway right now.

A good two-thirds of our capital budget each year goes toward improving reliability. Other reliability projects for this year include:

• Whitehorse spillway – in 2012 we began refurbishing the spillway gates and structures at our Whitehorse dam. The work will be completed in 2013.

• Overhauls: we completed overhauls in 2012 on one of our older Aishihik hydro units and one of our Dawson diesels. In 2013 we’ll overhaul one of our Whitehorse hydro units, the second of our older Aishihik generators, and another of our Whitehorse diesel units.


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