Is Waste to Energy a Sound Option for Yukon?

Energy Supply, Environment

Feb 20, 2012  Comment

You may be aware that Dr. Paul Connett was in Whitehorse last week promoting zero waste. While here, he was very vocal in his opposition to Yukon Energy's research into turning municipal waste into electricity and heat for homes and offices.

We are open to hearing all opinions and reading all sound research into waste-to-energy; we are still in the early stages of looking into whether this is a viable energy source for Yukon. While Dr. Connett is on one side of the spectrum, we have heard from other experts who believe waste-to-energy is an environmentally sound option for the territory.

A search on YouTube shows all kinds of videos on this topic. We encourage you to watch some of them and let us know what you think. To get you started, a couple of the videos can be found here and here.


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