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Sep 24, 2014  Comment

Yukon’s two electric utilities have developed a territory-wide initiative aimed at helping Yukoners save electricity and money.

The initiative, called inCharge, will be rolled out starting on Oct. 1st, 2014.

inCharge was created after substantial input from Yukoners and with direction from the utilities’ regulator, the Yukon Utilities Board.

inCharge will provide Yukoners with information and programs to help them use electricity wisely. Through personal choice and habits, Yukoners will be able to take charge of electricity usage in their homes.

For 2014, the initiatives will focus on the following:

-LED Lighting Rebate: Yukon residential customers will receive a rebate of $7 for each ENERGY STAR® qualified LED light bulb they purchase from Yukon retailers, up to a maximum of 8 bulbs per year, per residential account.

-Low-Cost Energy Efficient Products: the two utilities and community partners will distribute electricity saving kits that include items such as LEDs, smart power bars, block heater timers, low flow showerheads, motion detectors for lighting, insulation for hot water tanks/pipes and clothespins.

-Public engagement and education: The utilities will provide general information about how to save electricity through public events, written material, and the inCharge website, which will be live very shortly.

Customers who apply for an LED rebate or participate in a user survey before the end of this year will be eligible to win one of three 40 inch energy efficient TVs.

The Yukon Utilities Board (YUB) directed the utilities to start slowly with electricity conservation aimed at the residential customers and prove savings before reporting back to the board. Once the initial phases of the conservation program have been completed, the utilities will present a much more comprehensive suite of initiatives to the YUB for approval.

While inCharge is offering LED rebates as of October 1st, starting in January 2015 the initiative will be expanded to include rebates for block heater timers. 


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