Improvements at the Boat Lock

Community Involvement

Sep 22, 2011  3

We are making some improvements to our boat lock at the Marsh Lake control structure. We are replacing some old wood in the area where you tie up your boat, and we are installing new ladders that will make it easier for you to climb out of your boat to use the manual lock system.

These improvements are being done starting tomorrow and should be completed by the end of the day on Monday. During this time, you may experience some short delays when using the lock.


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by Murray

That lock is a very cool piece of equipment. I keep hoping to see someone using it when I go up there, but no luck yet.


by Yukon Energy

Murray, we will be offering an instructional night each year to show people how to use the lock. The next one will likely be offered in late spring or early summer. Watch this blog in the spring for details. You are most welcome to come.


by Murray

I’ll be watching for it - thanks smile