How Many Yukon Energy Employees Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb?

Energy Conservation

Feb 20, 2013  Comment

Lame jokes aside, two of our staff have been busy this week swapping out the old lighting in our two Whitehorse hydro plants for new, more energy efficient lighting. This project will save us approximately $5,100 each year in electricity costs. We’re also planning to change the lighting in our diesel plant in Dawson City, allowing us to save an additional $4,200 annually. In Whitehorse we are looking at a four year payback period, and for Dawson a three year payback.

If your business is interested in doing a lighting upgrade, we’re happy to provide you with further information about our own experience. We’ll even give you a tour of our plants so you can experience the lighting for yourself. The feedback we’re receiving from our staff who work in the hydro plants is very favourable. Photos: 1) the old metal Halide lighting; 2) the new energy efficient lighting. 




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