Feb 2 update: Aishihik Generating Station

Feb 02, 2024  Comment

Feb 2, 2024: An update on the situation at our Aishihik Generating Station

The plant is now fully back online. A big thank you to the crews that worked around the clock to clear the ice build-up quickly, including the Government of Yukon steamer truck folks in Haines Junction. Another reason we were able to resolve the issue so quickly is because of the sensor equipment we installed after a similar issue occurred in 2017. This time around, the sensor equipment alerted us to the problem early on and allowed us to clear the ice before it became too thick. Investments in our system are important and can have a big impact on our work.

While the Aishihik plant is back to its usual capacity, it is always a good idea to conserve electricity. As temperatures drop today and this weekend, think about the actions you can take to reduce your electricity use. Visit this page for some ideas.


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