Electric Vehicles in Yukon

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Mar 24, 2016  Comment

As part of the work we are doing to update our 20-Year Resource Plan, we had a study done looking at how many electric vehicles (EVs) we may see in Yukon over the next two decades.

Key findings are that:

Plug-in electric vehicles has the potential to reduce petroleum consumption and greenhouse gas emissions dramatically, However there are a few challenges that at the moment make it difficult for Yukon to widely adopt EV technology.

  • Currently, manufacturers are focussing on electric cars and not on electric trucks. In Yukon, 62 percent of the vehicles are trucks, and only 30 percent are cars.
  • Current battery technology has some limitations in terms of performing well in cold climates. Batteries typically perform less than half as well as those used in temperate climates.
  • Yukoners tend to drive long distances, and again, there are currently technological limitations in this regard. However, electric vehicles - particularly plug-in hybrid electric vehicles - are still a viable transportation option for the average Yukon commute to and from work.

Taking all these things into account, it does not appear at this time that there will be a high percentage of Yukoners purchasing EVs over the next 20 years. That being said, technology can change rapidly, so we will be closely watching the EV market for new developments. 


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