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Jul 06, 2011  Comment

A downed high voltage transmission line just south of the sewage lagoons in Whitehorse caused a wide-spread power outage tonight. Power went out at just before 8 p.m. to several Yukon communities, including Whitehorse, south to Teslin, and north to communities on the Mayo to Dawson section of the grid. The Minto and Alexco mines were also affected. Haines Junction, Faro and Pelly Crossing were not affected and their power remained on.

At the time of this blog posting (approximately 10:30 p.m.) crews were on their way to repair the downed line. We are still investigating what caused the line to come down.

Most customers have now had their power restored.

A rumour began this evening in Whitehorse that there had been a breach of our dam. That is not true. During a power outage we are not able to put water through our turbines, so we must spill it under our gates. This is standard procedure; it is one of the first things we do in any outage and that's what we did tonight. Watch this blog tomorrow for further details.


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