Dawson’s Film Find

Community Involvement

May 24, 2013  Comment

Congratulations to Laura Mann and her team at the Dawson City Museum for a wonderful debut evening of Dawson's 'lost' films. We wrote about the film find earlier this week. Having attended opening night, we were able to see first hand how valuable these films really are. If you are in Dawson, we encourage you to visit the museum to view the three movie 'programs' that will be shown twice a day throughout the summer.

We'd like to send a special shout out to Dawson's famous piano player, 'Barnacle' Bob Hilliard. He improvised all the music for these silent films, making them even more special.

Here are a few photos from the opening reception:

Note the old clothesline above the guests' heads. We had fun with the theme of valuing what we have and using it wisely; thus the link between saving old films and saving electricity by line drying. We also handed out clothespins and coupons for discounts on clotheslines.

What's a movie without the popcorn? One of our staff bags and hands out snacks to the guests.


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