Coupon Clipping = Saving on Your Power Bill

Energy Conservation

Feb 15, 2013  Comment

 Looking to cut down on your electricity bill? Simple steps can help…like replacing your lights with more energy efficient LED lighting and hanging your clothes to dry instead of using an electric clothes dryer.

Watch your mailbox over the next several days for a Yukon Energy flyer that contains coupons for discounts on energy saving products. The coupons give $10 off an LED light and $5 off an outside clothesline, when purchased at the Home Hardware and Canadian Tire stores in Whitehorse.

These are small steps, but they can add up to big savings! For instance, using a clothesline can save the average Yukon family about $100 or more a year. Swapping out your incandescent lightbulbs for LEDs can save you another $100 a year.


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