Challenging Ourselves to Save Energy

Energy Conservation, Environment

Nov 21, 2014  Comment

For the month of November, Yukon Energy staff have issued a challenge to themselves: to see which of our departments could reduce our energy consmption the most.

We all realize that even small savings help, especially in the winter when we must at times burn diesel. We were especially vigilent earlier this week when icing issues prevented us from using our Whitehorse hydro generating units, meaning more diesel that usual was burned. 

Staff have enthusiastically gotten behind this challenge. Here are just a few of the things we are doing:

-Some of our Operations staff are hanging their work coveralls to dry instead of using an electric dryer.

-Some have decided to swap out electric hand tools for non-electric ones.

-Many have only turned on their lights in the early morning hours, and have shut them off once the sun comes up.

-A number of meetings have taken place by candlelight (see photo on the right).

-Lights in common areas such as the lunch room, washrooms, etc. are only turned on if necessary.

-Computers and monitors are turned off over lunch and at the end of each day.

-Heat has been turned down in the work spaces, and people have opted to instead wear sweaters or layers of clothing.

We would like to encourage other work places to take the Energy Challenge and see how much energy you can save!


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