Busy Week-end for inCharge

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Apr 12, 2016  Comment

It was a banner week-end for inCharge, the electricity conservation arm of Yukon Energy and ATCO Electric Yukon. inCharge representatives were set up at two Whitehorse-area locations, talking to Yukoners about how they can save electricity and money.

Team members were on-hand at the Whitehorse Canadian Tire store, where there was a promotion on offer for $4 LED light bulbs. Combined with the rebates offered on ENERGY STAR LEDs by inCharge, it meant customers could receive up to eight light bulbs for free!

The offer proved to be extremely popular, with all 3,000 bulbs selling out within a 24 period. This broke an all-time daily sales record for any single item at the Whitehorse store. 

Canadian Tire has told us the Noma LED bulbs are coming back as a regularly stocked item. If you send an email to: info@inchargeyukon.ca we will notify you when they are back in the store. 

Also on the week-end, inCharge representatives were at the Mt. Sima ski hill near Whitehorse, talking to Yukoners about electricity conservation and handing out free energy saving kits. In total, they gave away almost 100 kits.

If you have questions about inCharge and the services we offer, visit www.inchargeyukon.ca.

Photo credits: Alistair Maitland Photography.


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