Ask Janet: Protecting Yourself and Your Home During an Outage


Feb 20, 2017  Comment

Today's question: After Saturday's power outage, it made me wonder what I should do during a blackout to keep my pipes from freezing. I have enough food and supplies to get through a 72-hour emergency, but no heat in my house due to an outage is a worry. Please provide some information about how to prevent damage from frozen pipes.

Thank you for your question. It's great that you have enough supplies to deal with a 72-hour emergency. We encourage everyone to have an emergency plan to deal with extended winter outages. As for your water pipes, our recommendation is that you turn on your taps to the point where water is dripping. This should keep the pipes from freezing. For other tips, see this emergency preparedness booklet that we prepared in cooperation with the Yukon government several years ago.


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