Another All Time Record Broken

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Jan 06, 2015  3

Last evening at 5:53, we broke the all time record in Yukon for electricity consumed at any one time. We were generating 83.69 megawatts at that point. This broke the previous record of 83.43 megawatts set on December 18th, 2013.

Of that 83.69 megawatts produced, 12.4 megawatts of that was with diesel. For every hour that we produce one megawatt with diesel, it costs Yukoners between $300 and $350. That means just for that one hour over dinner last night, Yukoners paid up to $4,340 for back-up diesel. And diesels have been running for several hours, and are still running this morning.

During times like this we ask that you keep your non-essential power usage to a minimum. Why not take a minute right now and turn off all electronics and lights you are not using? Thank you!

By the way, our energy consumption charts that show the amount of diesel being burned are not working properly at the moment. We are looking into the issue and hope to have it fixed shortly.



by Mimi

Remember when the Yukon government subsidized/gave rebates to builders for installing electric heat?


by Jim

And if people didn’t all have electric heat they would have an oil furnace which burns…. diesel.


by Jim Hawkings

And if I’m not mistaken, it’s more efficient to heat a home with a high efficiency oil heater than to burn diesel to generate electricity and then use the electricity to heat the home.  So….maybe not quite as simple as it sounds.