An Update for Residents of Mendenhall

Power Outage Updates, Reliability

Dec 04, 2012  Comment

We wanted to provide people in Mendenhall with the latest information on what we are doing to address the power issues of late.

We currently have three portable diesel generators that are providing power to Mendenhall. A fourth larger generator is being trucked up from Alberta and should be on site tomorrow.

Also tomorrow, we will be installing a new transformer to replace the one that failed over the week-end, causing this outage. The work will take place around noon tomorrow, and in order to make the switchover, we must turn your power off for a short period (no more than 15 minutes and likely much less than that). We know the last thing you want is another outage, but we must do this to hook up the new piece of equipment.

In the short term, power will be provided to Mendenhall via the grid with the new transformer, and with on-site diesels. We need both since the transformer that we currently have available is the same size as the old one and is not large enough to handling the growing power needs of Mendenhall. We will continue to use both diesel and grid power until we can locate a larger transformer. We are working hard to get one to you as soon as possible, but please know that this could take some time. We will keep the diesels in Mendenhall until we have the larger transformer installed.

We will continue to provide you with updates on our blog, Twitter and Facebook, as well as via email, as new developments occur. Please share this information with your neighbours, especially those who may not have access to a computer. If you or someone you know would like to be added to an email list for updates, please have them send a note to: or call 393-5333.


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