An Award Winning Project

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Apr 02, 2012  Comment

Yukon Energy, along with the engineering firm KGS Group Consulting and the contracting company Kiewit Infrastructure Group, have jointly received an excellence award for the Mayo B hydro enhancement project.

The Yukon Engineering Excellence Award was presented late last week to Lawrence Joudry, Yukon Energy's Director of Engineering Services and Operations. It's the first award of its kind ever given out in Yukon. Lawrence is seen on the right in the photo, along with the President of the Association of Professional Engineers of Yukon (APEY) Carl Friesen, and Ryan Martin, Chair of the APEY Awards Committee.

The award was established by the Association of Professional Engineers of Yukon to recognize engineering achievements by local professional engineers and to promote excellence in engineering in unique northern climates and terrain. It takes into account applied research, design, innovation, construction and project management. Other considerations include northern adaptation, services that make environmental consideration and/or increase the sustainability of northern communities, enhancement of community services, and enhancement of the quality of life through engineering and other work. The Mayo B project was chosen over four other entries.

We are of course delighted to be recognized in this way. This goes to show just what can be accomplished when you have strong partnerships. We would like to publicly recognize the excellent work on Mayo B by our own employees and by our contractors, which included KGS Group and Kiewit.


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