A Turn of Events on Marsh Lake


Sep 11, 2013  Comment

As you are likely aware, Yukon Energy monitors the water level on Marsh Lake on a regular basis. This fall, we are seeing something rather unusual happening on the lake.

The water level peaked around mid-August, then started to retreat as is the usual occurance. However over the last several days, the level has risen once again, as you can see from this chart.  The thick burgundy line on the chart shows the levels to date. The lake is now back up to the level it was close to a month ago. It's not clear to us why this rebound has occurred.

We've been asked if we are doing something at our Whitehorse operation that would cause this rise. The short answer is, no. Our water license stipulates we must keep all our gates open at the Marsh Lake Control Structure from May 15th through until a time when the water level drops to below what is known as the "Full Supply Level". Since the lake has not retreated to that level yet, we continue to operate with all the gates open.


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