A Powerline Tech’s Rodeo

Community Involvement, Safety

May 17, 2013  Comment

 There was no bull riding or chuck wagon racing, and tree roping took the place of calf roping, but the skill level was high at the Yukon’s first ever powerline technician rodeo, held earlier this week in Whitehorse.

Yukon Electrical Company Limited invited powerline techs from Yukon Energy, NuLine, and Arctic Power to join them for a couple of hours of friendly competition and camaraderie.

Participants were divided into teams of three (Yukon Energy formed a team with NuLine) and were required to complete a circuit that included six challenges. They were asked to assemble power pole structures, including the cross arms, etc. They had to use a 40 foot stick to remove shoes from a de-energized powerline. They were required to attach a rope to a tree and simulate what they would do to safely remove the tree from a transmission line.

Perhaps the most popular event (among the spectators at least) was to have the technicians climb a power pole with a raw egg in their mouths. While some of the eggs were returned unscathed, others suffered a rather messy fate, much to the chagrin of the competitors!

Not only did the participants have to perform the tasks as quickly as possible, but they had to work safely too. In fact safety was the theme of the rodeo.

Many thanks to Yukon Electrical for hosting this event, and congratulations for taking top spot in the competition (the Yukon Energy/NuLine team was second, and Arctic Power third).  Below are a few images from the event.


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