A Message to People in Mendenhall

Power Outage Updates, Reliability

Dec 03, 2012  1

To the residents of Mendenhall, we want to apologize for the outage in Mendenhall over the week-end. We acknowledge that there are been far too many outages in your area recently and we recognize the level of service you have received lately is far from acceptable.

As you know, the power is back on now and we have diesel on site. However it may be up to several days before we can put you back on the grid. In the meantime, we ask that you conserve energy whenever possible.

The cause of these outages is a failed transformer off the main transmission line. This transformer will be replaced with a larger sized one to meet the existing and future load in Mendenhall.

Once we have addressed the immediate issue at hand, we would like to arrange a community meeting to discuss our longer range plans for improving service to Mendenhall. We would also like to work with you to come up with a plan to ensure you are receiving up to date information during an outage. We will work with your local Community Association to find a meeting date that works for the most number of people.

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by Sue

Please try to include those of us who were affected and don’t live in Mendenhall.  We’re more isolated and don’t have neighbours with whom to share info or resources, and we aren’t affiliated with the Community Association.  We’re technically in the hamlet of Ibex Valley.