A Possible White Cloud


Aug 23, 2016  Comment

As part of some maintenance we are doing at our Whitehorse LNG site, people travelling along the site over the lunch hour might notice a white cloud. The cloud, if it is visible, will NOT be LNG. It will instead be liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen is a harmless gas (the air we breathe is made up of 78 percent nitrogen) that does not create any GHG emissions, is not flammable, and is even colder than LNG; it boils at -196°C compared to -162°C for LNG. We use it to cool our tanks so they can be ready to receive liquefied natural gas.

As the liquid nitrogen is released, you may also hear a whistling noise. This is normal and perfectly safe. We want to emphasize that this will be harmless nitrogen and not liquefied natural gas.


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