Update on Our Solar Production

Energy Supply, Environment

Mar 15, 2017  Comment

You may be aware that in September of 2015, we installed a solar energy system on the south facing wall of our main administration building in Whitehorse.

The system includes 40 panels of 250 watts each, and has the ability to generate about 10 kilowatts of renewable energy.

This graphic shows what we forecast for production and what we have actually generated. There are a couple of reasons why our production might be less than expected.

1) The forecast is based on data from the Whitehorse airport. Our site near the Yukon River is likely less sunny, probably in part because of the ice fog coming off the river in the winter.

2) The forecast does not take into account the jog in our building and the near-by poles and towers. All these things provide some shading.

Our solar energy system is meeting about two to three percent of our load (we have quite a large load because of the servers we have to run our grid).

This site will provide you with a daily account of the amount of solar energy we are generating with this system. 


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