What About Venting?

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Jun 05, 2015  1

Today's question: I am concerned about too much pressure building up in the fuel tanks at your LNG plant, and you having to vent that gas into the air. How often will that happen?

Thanks for the question. As LNG warms up, it very slowly (over several months) changes from a liquid to a gas. This is called “boil off” and it increases pressure in the fuel tank. Typically if pressure gets to a certain point, the gas must be released (vented) into the air. However at our LNG facility, the boil-off gas will instead be piped to our near-by backup diesel plant and used to warm the building and the engines. That means we won’t need to do any venting. 

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by Mike

That’s great! I’ve seen truckers manually venting down the tanker to apparently maintain pressure within the vessel. Could they not just let the built in pressure relief valve do that instead of opening the valve and blowing out massive amounts of vapor?