Plugging in the Vehicle

Energy Conservation

Oct 26, 2012  Comment

Today's question: How much of an increase in cost will I see when I start plugging in my car (block heater, battery blanket and oil pan heater)? I was previously told it was not that much but my landlord says the cost can be very high if I leave the vehicle plugged in for several hours.

Thanks for the question. Your landlord is correct. If you have a small car and you plug it in for eight hours every day for a month it will cost you an additional $25 on your power bill. For a larger vehicle like a truck the cost will be about $37 a month. 

However if you only plug in your car for two hours (really all the time your vehicle needs) then the cost is only about $6 a month. For a truck the cost for two hours a day of plug in time over a month is about $9.

We recommend using a good quality timer for your vehicle plug-ins.

By the way, there is an energy calculator on our website that may held you determine the approximate cost of all your electrical usage.


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