Improvements to the Consumption Chart?

Dec 17, 2010  4

Today's question: Your 12-hour residential consumption graph is very useful for understanding demand in peak hours. It would be even better if the graph was extended to 24 hours, and a second graph was shown for weekly or monthly consumption. Any chance of getting these graphs on the website?

Thanks for the question. The short answer is yes. We hope to make these improvements early in 2011.


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by Land Pearson

Good to hear. That is something I was hoping to find in my Christmas stocking too!


by Sean

I agree that the Residential Consumption Graph is a useful tool for those of us interested in demand on the WAF grid and I appreciate that YEC makes it available to the public.  However I have a couple of suggestions that I hope you will consider:
- Last year you put out a weekly PDF showing predictions of when the grid may go to diesel relative to temperature.  I felt this was a great tool and liked the connection with temperature. Will this again be available in the future, and could a temperature line also be added to the “Consumption in the Last 12 Hours” part of the Residential Consumption Graph as well?
- 12 hours shows only the immediate past and it would be nice if we could look at the past 24 or 48 hours (or week) as well as compiling graphs showing monthly and annual trends. Furthermore a nice complement to any of these would be overlaying the predictions (similar to what you were doing last year) on the actuals (predicted and actual temp, predicted and actual power demand.
- The hydro part of the two bar graphs has a light blue background with a dark blue bar for hydro demand while the diesel part of the graphs has no background colour to match its dark orange demand bar. I find this confusing.  Could the diesel part have a light orange background behind the diesel demand bar to maintain consistency with the hydro part having a matching background colour?
- One other thing that interests me is how much diesel is burned. I would be interested to see monthly numbers on hydro generation (MWh), diesel generation (MWh), diesel burned (litres).

Thanks for the useful tools and for considering my suggestions.


by Yukon Energy

The feedback we received from last year’s chart is that it was confusing and difficult to read, so this year’s chart was developed instead. As for the other features you suggest, we are looking at adding a weekly and yearly chart in the new year, so watch for that. We will look at making more improvements as money and time allow.


by Sean

I would agree that last year’s prediction graph could be confusing to some but the intent was excellent. I believe that it could be modified to be less confusing.  Anticipating what is happening with weather and electrical supply is important to modify consumer behaviour as conditions change. That is the value of the projection chart. The current chart is also useful but does not allow a window to the future. I feel that both have their place.