Ask Steph: Loss of generation

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Sep 20, 2019  Comment

Today's question: What is 'loss of generation'?

Thanks to everyone who posed this question last night after yesterday's power outage.

In the power business, a 'loss of generation' means something has happened that's caused one or more of our power generators to trip. When this happens, the amount of power we can generate and supply to the grid has decreased. In essence, the demand for power at that point in time is more than the amount of power that is available on the grid. The end result - a potential power outage to customers until we restart that generating unit(s) or one of our back-up generators.

And in case you're wondering. The outage we experienced yesterday (09.19.19) was caused when one of the generating units at our Aishihik power plant tripped. When the unit tripped, we lost about 14 MW of power (about 30 per cent of the power that was needed by Yukoners connected to the grid at the time). Over the next few days, we'll be working to find out exactly why the generator at Aishihik tripped and to take the appropriate corrective action.

Thank you all for your patience during the outage yesterday. We recognize that power outages do have an impact and appreciate your understanding.


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