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Tender Number: 20 MW Thermal Planning - RFQ for Generating Station

Yukon Energy Corporation (YEC) is evaluating the technical and financial attributes for a number of 20 MW Thermal Generating Plant options in the Whitehorse region.  Midgard Consulting Inc. (Midgard) has been retained to complete the evaluation report and provide decision support to YEC’s management and its board during preferred resource option selection.

To assist in the evaluation, prospective solution providers are asked to provide a specification package and feasibility level cost estimate (AACE Class IV -15% / +50%) for diesel, natural gas, liquified natural gas and/or dual fuel generators.  The technical specifications of the generators YECs is interested in evaluating will be provided. 

It should be noted that in order to pre-qualify to participate in the future design-build (i.e., Engineer-Procure-Construct (“EPC”) bidding opportunities that will arise later in YEC’s resource procurement process, Solution Providers are required to participate in this RFQ process and provide budgetary estimates for at least one (1) thermal generation option. Solution Providers are encouraged to provide budgetary estimates for all thermal generation options being considered, however this is not requisite to pre-qualify for future bidding opportunities.

Solution providers are asked to contact Dawn Conrad at:   to receive all documents related to this RFQ.

Close Date: March 29, 2019

Please contact Procurement to receive a copy of any tender and/or proposal package.

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