Consulting Contracts




INRS-Yukon College


SNC-Lavalin Inc.

Owner's Engineer Services - WH4 Rotor Spider.




Alexco Environmental Group

Management of the Whitehorse Fish Hatchery.

Asher Engineering Ltd.

Third LNG Engine Assessment.

Maven Consulting Limited

Support of ten year sustaining capital plan for Yukon Energy.

Hatch Ltd.

WH4 Spider Package Review

Jenmar Corporation Inc.

To assess the generation rates of boil-off gas in the LNG storage tanks, and provide economically and technically feasible options to minimize or otherwise economically utilize boil off gas generated at the site.

Atco Power Canada

Stewart Keno Transmission Project - Detailed Substation Design.

Chimax Inc.

To provide Detailed Engineering and Specifications for construction of the 138 kV transmision line (Stewart Keno).

NELPCO Limited Partnership

Provision of geotechnical engineering services for rock slop stabilization work above the Mayo A hydro plant building located in Mayo YT.

Hatch Ltd.

Uprate Study on Whitehorse Hydro Units #1, #3 and #4 and Synchronous Condensor.

KGS Group

Engineering Services for Mayo B Turbine Assistance Project.

Econoler Inc.

DSM Program - Evaluation Advisor.

Articcan Energy Services Inc.

Lifecycle Assessment for Energy Resource Options in Yukon Territory.

Morrison Hershfield Ltd.

Planning, assessment and authorization renewal for the Aishihik Lake Generating Sation - Phase I.

Midgard Consulting Inc.

Transmission Option Evaluation.

Canmine Contracting LP

Aishihik Power Plant Elevator Steel Replacement Project - Construction Management Phase II.

Canadian Biomass Energy Research Ltd.

Consulting support to complete inventory of potential wind projects in Yukon.

Scare-Davey Engineering Inc.

Technical Support - Aishihik Power Plant elevator replacement.

Hemmera Envirochem Inc.

Consulting services for Southern Lakes enchancement storage project.


PLC Upgrade.

Tetra Tech, Inc.

Mayo Lake outlet channel erosion, sedimentation and dredging study.

KGS Group

Mayo Lake outlet channel erosion, sedimentation, and dredging study - Phase I.

Midgard Consulting Incorporated

Third party cost estimate of Stewart Keno Line Project.

Knight Piesold Limited

Small Hydro and Pumped Storage projects in the Yukon.

Orbis Engineering Field Services Ltd.

Arc Flash Study.

Environmental Dynamics Inc.

Baseline Conditions Update - Aishihik River Downstream Hydraulic, Icing, and Fluvial Geomorphology Conditions.

Struthers Technical Solutions Ltd.

Engineering Services:  Replacement of WH4 Excitation System.

Morrison Hershfield Ltd.

Consulting Services for the Aishihik Lake Generating Station Relicensing Project - Phase I Work Plan.

Intergroup Consultants Ltd.

Resource Options Evaluation

Environmental Dynamics Inc.

Baseline Conditions Update - Waterfowl and Waterbirds in the Aishihik Lake area.

Environmental Dynamics Inc.

Baseline Conditions Update - Aishihik Lake Area Muskrat.

Orbis Engineering Field Services Ltd.

T9 Transformer Assessment as per 2016-014.

Stantec Consulting

Thermal Energy Plant Development Study.

Smart Pop Ups

Marketing Services required for the Whitehorse Transportation Showcase.

Stantec Consulting

Tendering, Engineering and Support Services for repair work required at the Whitehorse Rapids Dam.

Transgrid Solutions

The Consultant will assist Yukon Energy to better understand energy storage technologies to support integration of renewables and increase capacity during periods of shortage.

KGS Group

The Consultant will provide a recommendation on the future of the Mayo A hydro facility

KGS Group

Geothermal Review and Site Inventory

Tetra Tech Eba Inc.

Engineering and Design services for drainage upgrades at P125 Hydro Unit.




KGS Group

Wareham Dam Breach and Inundation Study

Golder Associates

Building Assessment Reports for YEC Facilities.

George and Bell Consulting

Pension Consulting Services.


Supply of Engineering Services for Drainage Improvements at Yukon Energy's Hydro Plant.

KGS Group

Aishihik Tailrace Cut Stability Analysis


LNG Commissioning Services

Knight and Piesold

YEC Asset Assessment.

Chimax Inc.

Stewart Keno Transmission Line Preliminary Engineering.

Magna Engineering

Preliminary Substation design services.

Morrison Hershfield

Conduct an effects assessment, prepare and submit a project proposal pursuant to the Yukon Environmental & Socio-economic Assessment Act and to support permitting of a new 138kV transmission line from the existing Yukon Energy substation at Stewart Crossing South to Keno City.

ICF Consulting Canada Inc.

The Completion of an Electric Vehicle Study which will include market research of electric vehicle (EV) technologyies and their performance in cold climates, an understanding of expected EV adoption rates over time for Yukon and to assess the potential impact to Yukon's electrical grid.

WSP Canada Inc.

Completion of a Preliminary Design Study which includes a business case and a Class 4 cost estimate for an Integrated Biogas and Greenhouse Energy Centre, in Whitehorse Yukon.

Campbell's North Consulting

Stewart Keno Transmission Line Project Management.

Yukon College

Leadership Training.

KGS Group

Aishihik Tailrace Cut Stability Analysis.

Alexco Environmental Group Inc.

Groundwater Sampling and Analysis

Stantec Consulting Ltd.

Seismic Assessment and Engineering Service of Repair Work for the Bridge at Whitehorse River Dam.

Energy Solutions Centre

Contribution Agreement with YEC and Energy Solutions Centre for the Refrigerator Retirement Program.

Stantec Architecture Ltd.

To perform Dam Safety Reviews of YEC's Hydro Generating Stations.


LNG Commissioning Services.


Aishihik Elevator detailed engineering.




Alexco Environmental Group

Management of Whitehorse fish hatchery

Digital Boundary Group

IT security audit

Klohn Crippen Berger

Mayo hydro 2 single device isolation


Demand Side Management program launch

ICF Consulting Canada

Yukon Demand Side Management Tech Support

Ketza Construction

Substation foundations for two of Yukon Energy's substations

Gold and Galena Contracting

Brushing near the Dawson City airport

Paul Martin Contracting

Mayo Lake Control Structure rehabilitation

E & S Mechanical

Hydro unit WH2 10-year overhaul

EDI Environmental Dynamics

Discouragement of nesting and migratory birds on the LNG site.

Tetra Tech EBA Inc.

Water quality assessment of cooling system, Yukon Energy admin building 

AON Reed Stenhouse

Insurance brokerage services




Watson Advisors Inc.

CEO recruitment

KGS Group

Integrity assessment of Aishihik elevator

KGS Group

Engineering of natural gas facility

All North

Project management services - Whitehorse Diesel to Natural Gas Conversion Project

All North

LNG project management

Stantec Consulting

Natural gas fuel switching feasibility study


Enterprise risk management

Stantec Consulting

Inspection of Whitehorse dam bridge


Southern Lakes assessment

Associated Engineering

Inspection of Whitehorse fishladder and viewing facility

KGS Group

Functionial design for Mayo Lake

EBA Engineering, Tetra Tech Co.

Aishihik powerhouse rock tunnel investigation

KGS Group

Yukon Energy asset assessment

Hatch Ltd.

Minto mine audit

Kingsbridge Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery planning

Prophix Software

Prophix software implementation

Prophix Software

Professional services agreement


Takhini substation engineering