Gull Cam

The Herring Gull (Larus argentatus) is commonly seen in spring and summer below our dam on the Yukon River in Whitehorse. They are ground-nesting birds, scraping out shallow depressions in soil, sand, or sometimes gravel rooftops.

Each summer, multiple pairs of these gulls nest on top of one of our Whitehorse hydro units. They seem to enjoy the heat that comes from the roof vents.

We have installed this live web cam so you can observe these birds close up and learn more about their behavior. We thank the Government of Yukon’s Wildlife Viewing Program for its knowledge and assistance in ensuring the camera is placed in a way that will not disturb the birds.

The gulls lay their eggs in May (usually one to three eggs). The eggs take about a month to hatch, so the first chicks will be seen in early to mid-June. The gulls continue nesting through July and new-born chicks take four years to get all their adult feathers.

Note that Mother Nature can sometimes be harsh. You may see things via this web cam that upset you. Please do not ask us to intervene on behalf of a bird. We will let nature take its course, although the outcome may not always be favourable for every gull.

For more information about gulls, visit this site.