Peak Smart Support

Having issues with your Triton hot water tank controller, or Caleo thermostats?

CaSA, the manufacturer of the devices, offers extensive customer support on their website. The most effective first step to getting assistance with a technical device issue is to submit a support ticket with their team. They can also be reached directly by e-mail at The CaSA website is full of resources to help you learn more about your devices and what they’re capable of!

Want to talk to the Peak Smart Team?

To speak to the team about other aspects of the program, our customer service agents can be reached at either 867-457-0071 or 1-833-257-7184, or by e-mail at

Are you having a heat or hot water emergency?

In the event that you’re experiencing an emergency with the heat or hot water in your home, you should contact Arcrite Northern Limited at 867-668-3053. Their electricians will be dispatched to your home to investigate the issue and determine the solution.