Plan Highlights

Demand for electricity is growing in Yukon. In order to meet the need for more renewable electricity, all projects in our updated Future-Focused Portfolio need to be built by 2030. Remove any of the planned projects and we will not meet our anticipated future peak demands for electricity.

To implement the plan, we require close partnerships with First Nations governments and development corporations, federal funding, and the support of Yukoners.


In addition to the new supply projects we already have in place or under development – such as battery storage, hydro uprates and enhancements, electricity purchases from Independent Power Producers, micro-generation, demand side management programs, and the replacement of end-of-life thermal generation – we are proposing three key new projects.

All three new projects are located primarily in the Southern Lakes region, an area rich with potential for hydro power and pumped storage.

  1. Construct a new pumped storage facility on Moon Lake.
  2. Source renewable electricity from the planned expansion of the Atlin hydro plant owned by the Taku River Tlingit First Nation.
  3. Expand and upgrade the transmission network in the Southern Lakes region.

These potential projects not only store and use excess renewable power generated in the summer to decrease dependency on fossil fuels during the winter, but also make connecting potential sources of First Nation-owned renewables in the Southern Lakes region more viable. They also create opportunities for future sales of surplus renewable electricity to Skagway.

Plans for each of the projects are in the very early stages. Working with First Nations governments and development corporations to explore partnership opportunities and to further assess the projects are critical to success. Federal funding will also be key to keeping projects affordable for customers and to minimize risk.

For descriptions of each of the projects please visit this page.