Keys to Success

Ultimately, the success of our 10-year renewable electricity plan hinges on everyone working together. With full participation, we can implement our plan and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Without the complete plan, we will have little choice but to build more diesel and liquefied natural gas plants to meet the growing demand for electricity. We don't want this, and we know Yukon doesn't either. 

Let's work together to meet Yukon's climate goals.

First Nations partnerships

First Nations governments, development corporations and Citizens will have a key role in helping us shape and deliver this plan over the next 10 years. We recognize First Nations as governments and potential energy proponents, partners and investors. In developing this plan, we will work proactively and collaboratively with First Nations governments and development corporations to forge partnerships and create opportunities for investment, contracting, employment and training. First Nations will also be at the forefront of assessments, permitting and approval stages.

Federal funding 

Every project in this plan is needed. We cannot pick and choose. The projects in this plan are estimated to cost in excess of $500 million, our largest investment in the electricity system. Federal funding for the plan will be key to keeping the plan affordable for customers and minimizing risks.

Your support and participation

Everyone has a role to play in helping build Yukon’s sustainable energy future. First Nations governments and development corporations, and local communities can participate by way of Independent Power Production, while individuals can participate in programs like Peak Smart, InCharge and the Micro-Generation program. We must work together to achieve the clean future we want.