Our Draft 10-Year Plan

Yukon Energy currently meets over 90% of Yukon's electricity needs each year with clean, renewable power because of our large supply of hydroelectricity. In 2017, only 3% of Yukon's greenhouse gas emissions were caused by electricity generation.

In July 2019, we released our 5-year strategic plan with a bold 10-year vision to be a Canadian leader in sustainable energy by 2030. Later that year, based on the input of Yukoners, we also decided not to move forward with the development of a new 20-megawatt thermal generation facility to supply electricity during emergency conditions.

In November 2019, Yukon government released a draft of its Our Clean Future strategy, with a vision for addressing climate change by building thriving, resilient communities powered by clean energy and supported by a sustainable green economy. In it, the government proposes an average of 93% of electricity generated on the grid be produced from renewable sources, and includes specific actions to electrify the territory’s transportation and heating sectors.

Our draft 10-year renewable electricity plan shows how, together, the visions of the Yukon government, Yukon Energy and Yukoners themselves can be interlocked in a way that will bring about the Yukon we all envision.

It’s a big plan that features opportunities for individuals, communities and First Nations. It’s a plan that features innovation and challenges. It’s a plan that depends on all of us for ultimate success.

The Yukon of the future – one where renewable electricity continues to fuel our lives, work and economy – is within our reach. But we must act now and we must act together.

In you have comments or questions about our draft 10-year renewable electricity plan, please fill out the form below. Feedback collected will be used to inform the final version of our 10-year renewable electricity plan that will be released in June 2020.

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