Here are some general questions that electricity customers ask most often. If you have more specific questions about your bill, see our information sheet found at the bottom of this page. If your question isn't addressed there, feel free to contact us directly. 

What's the difference between Yukon Energy and ATCO Electric Yukon?

There are three separate functions in the supply of electricity – production, transmission and retail distribution. Yukon Energy produces and transmits most of the Yukon's electricity. It also sells power directly to some retail customers. ATCO Electric Yukon buys electricity from Yukon Energy and then sells it to customers.

Yukon Energy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Yukon Development Corporation (YDC). YDC is a Crown Corporation which means that Yukon Energy is a publicly owned company. ATCO Electric Yukon is a privately owned company of the ATCO Corporation in Alberta.

How do I know if power in my area is provided by Yukon Energy or ATCO Electric Yukon?

Check your bill. It shows which company is serving you.

What are the riders I see on my bill?

Riders are temporary adjustments on electrical bills. They may be a rebate or they may collect money from customers. They are put in place to adjust for factors that were not anticipated when the electrical rate was established. Riders are used for a defined purpose or cost recovery. They end when the specific amount of money is collected or rebated, or when rates are revised through a General Rate Application.

How does the Interim Electrical Rebate subsidize my bill?

The Interim Electrical Rebate is a subsidy provided by the Yukon government to residential customers. It was implemented in July 2009 to replace another subsidy program known as the Rate Stabilization Fund. The Interim Electrical Rebate provides residential customers with a maximum rebate of $26.62 per month for the first 1,000 kilowatt hours of power used. For more details about this government program, please call (867) 667-5811.

How often do electrical rates change?

Electrical rates are established by the Yukon Utilities Board after public review of General Rate Applications from one or both energy companies. Yukon Energy is working to control costs and keep future rate increases to the lowest level possible.

What are the Electric Service Regulations and how do they affect me?

The Terms and Conditions of Service are approved by the Yukon Utilities Board. They provide direction on connection fees, metering, billing, security deposits, company and customer responsibilities and liabilities, and general terms of service.

I live in a rural area, outside a municipality, with no current access to power. What can I do?

The Yukon government's Rural Electrification Program provides attractive financing and other support for rural Yukoners to get access to power services. The power services eligible for this support include stand-alone renewable energy technologies, such as solar/photo-voltaic, wind and micro-hydro projects. For more information, call the Yukon Community Services Department at (867) 667-5268, or email assessment.taxation@gov.yk.ca.

If I have a complaint about my electrical service, how do I get help?

First, contact your electrical service provider to try to resolve the issue. If you can't resolve the issue to your satisfaction, you may file a written complaint with the Yukon Utilities Board. The board will consider complaints about rates, rate changes and how a utility provides service. The Board will investigate complaints that it believes have merit.