First Nation Procurement

We recognize First Nations as Governments and potential energy proponents, partners and investors. In our daily opreations, planning and project work, we will work proactively with Yukon First Nations to create opportunities for investment, contracting, employment and training.

Our Principles

  • Offer contracting opportunities to existing Yukon First Nations businesses with a demonstrated capacity to execute the contact successfully;
  • Demonstrate value for money as part of our mandate to provide Yukoners with affordable electrical service; and
  • Ensure all activities contribute to a transparent, open and fair process.

Procurement Methods

  • Sole Source. Where only one qualified Yukon First Nation-owned business exists and subject to dollar limits and proof of value, we can award directly to that business.
  • Invitational Tender.  Where more than one qualified Yukon First Nation-owned business exists, we will restrict participation in a competitive bid process to those businesses.
  • RFP/Tender.  Traditional two-envelop bid process where proponents can earn qualitative points based on First Nation participation (e.g., ownership, employment, training).
  • Project Agreement. Applies to large projects and covers all aspects of our commitment to the affected First Nation(s) including contracting opportunities, investment, apprenticeship and/or cash or in-kind compensation.


  1. Yukon First Nations register on our Yukon First Nation Business Directory. Doing this lets our Procurement Team and Project Managers know of First Nation businesses that can offer goods and services to meet our needs.
  2. Our Project Managers, where possible, identify opportunities for First Nation procurement.
  3. Our Project Managers and Procurement Team work together to ensure the appropriate procurement method stated above is used to encourage Yukon First Nation participation while also recognizing the size and scope of the project, and abiding by our other procurement policies and guidelines.