How to Upgrade Your Electrical Service

Are you installing an electric furnace in your home? Adding a heated greenhouse? Building an addition onto your house? Any significant increase in the amount of electricity you need could mean that you will have to upgrade your electrical service.

This could take several weeks or even months, so you will want to contact Yukon Energy early in the process.

You should also understand that your plans to increase your service may require Yukon Energy to upgrade our equipment too (things such as transformers and power poles). The electric system is very sensitive to variations in load and supply, so any change in service must be carefully designed to maintain reliable service to all customers, and to conform to electrical codes.

Steps to Upgrade Your Service:

1. Notify us that you want to upgrade your electrical service. You can do that by calling (867) 993-5565 or 1-877-712-3375 toll free. We will ask what kind of additional loads you need (are you adding an electric furnace, a heated greenhouse, etc.).

2. We will visit your property (at a cost of approximately $200 to you) to determine if our facilities can serve the increased load. The original installation would have been designed to the size initially needed and permitted. With a higher load, the transformer and supporting pole may not be sufficient and may need to be upgraded.

3. If your plans result in YEC needing to upgrade our equipment, there may be a cost to you before we can connect the upgraded service. If this is the case, we will provide you with a price, and you can then decide if you wish to go ahead with the upgrade. If no easement is in place for the existing service connection (this is sometimes the case for older properties), we will at that time also request that you as the property owner sign an easement that gives Yukon Energy access to our overhead wiring.

4. If you decide to proceed with the upgrade, you will at this point need to hire an electrician to perform the electrical work on your home. The electrician is responsible for changes to your electrical system, and for holding the required electrical permits from the Yukon government’s Building Safety Unit.

5. Once the work on your wiring is complete and the electrical permit has been approved by the Electrical Inspector, the electrician notifies you, you contact Yukon Energy, and we work with you and your electrician to connect the upgraded service.