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Sep 12, 2012  Comment

Question: Is Yukon Energy still considering the use of wind power? Many places are using wind and solar power now instead of dams. I found a really interesting website on a new type of wind turbine. They are low maintenence and your return on your investment is way quicker. It is also more environmentally friendly due to its giant fins spinning in the air. David Suzuki built a school back east and it runs on solar and a vbine wind turbine. I think these turbines would work well in small windy communities like Carcross or Destuction Bay. Check out the website and give me your input.

Answer: Thanks very much for passing along the website. I am not a wind expert so can't comment on the specifics of this particular design, but I can tell you that Yukon Energy is still very much interested in using wind as part of our basket of energy options. We have wind monitoring equipment right now on Tehcho (former Ferry Hill) near Stewart Crossing, where we are looking at putting up 10 wind turbines (a total of about 20 megawatts of power). Mount Sumanik is another site that we are considering for a similarly sized wind farm.

Our latest calculations show wind as still expensive compared to other energy options. However we are beginning to explore small-scale wind, hoping that the economics will be better.


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