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Sep 12, 2012  Comment

Comment: I just came across this website from the Viessmann Group. I know that Yukon Energy looked into different versions of biomass and waste to energy options. This may be of interest to Yukon Energy and could most likely be combined with the Whitehorse composting initiative. An installation like this in a new subdivision could also provide heat to many buildings as well as generate the electricity. I hope this is of benefit to you.

Thanks very much for passing this along! While we are no longer pursuing waste-to-energy in Whitehorse at this point in time (see our entry from earlier this year), we are certainly open to taking another look at it at some point in the future if all the stars align.

We continue to work on a potential small-scale biomass project in Haines Junction with several partners including the Champagne and Aishihik First Nations. I will pass along the website link to the working group.


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