Info About Biomass?

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Mar 21, 2011  Comment

Today's question: I have heard that Dawson might be investigating a "biomass boiler" system. This area of energy creation really intrigues me. I look forward to any information or path of research that you could pass onto me.

You are correct. The Yukon government is working with with the municipality of Dawson to incorporate a bioenergy boiler system to meet the thermal needs of both the waste water treatment facility and the winter time municipal water heating requirements. I understand that this facility will use local waste wood produced from local milling operations. The Yukon government is also working on developing a strategy for bioenergy development in the territory. For information about both these initiatives you can call the Yukon government's Energy Strategy contact at 456-6843. 

As a result of discussions during our recent energy charrette, Yukon Energy will also do some research to learn more about the potential for producing electricity in the territory using biomass. Watch this blog in the days ahead for further information.


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